Services are based on the belief that people with diverse abilities are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as all persons within the community. Opportunities at times are adapted to accommodate the differing abilities of each person. With support, people with diverse abilities can be given the opportunity to achieve quality of life, have rich relationships with friends and family, financial security, choices in how they live their lives, employment opportunities and are accepted and valued as citizens. Services are provided on an individual or group basis to best suit each individual's needs to develop knowledge and skills in responsibility, communication, life skills, health & wellness, employment, recreation, volunteerism, safety, socialization and community participation.

Community Inclusion
To provide opportunities for individuals by empowering them to develop skills and abilities, achieve quality of life and have independence within the community by engaging in recreation, employment, skill development, volunteerism, community activities and socialization.

Life Skills
To provide assistance and support to individuals to enable them to live independently in their own homes and within the community. To gain the skills and abilities to be successful in areas such as budgeting, cooking and meal planning, appointment scheduling, grocery shopping, communication skills, bill payments, housekeeping and personal hygiene.

Behaviour Support Plans
Over the past few years we have been blessed to be able to have members of our team attend training through PosAbilities Behaviour Lead training and can now offer the ability to write Behaviour Support Plans within our agency for those who may need one. We work together with family members, PosAbilities Behaviour Team, other supports and networks involved to ensure the best outcomes of the Behaviour Plan in hopes of creating a better quality of life for all Persons receiving support.

Personal Lifestyle Support Inc.
Owner/Executive Director:
Tamara Papineau
Kelowna BC